Meals Ministry

It's A Ministry Of Serving God Through Serving Others

Contact Info:

Amy Paris at 303-355-2834 or email at

What is The Meals Ministry?

Through a team of wonderful volunteers, we provide meals to church members in times of need. 

How Does It Work?

The meals ministry coordinator is made aware of a need, either through a direct request for help, or through referral by someone within the church. Volunteers are then contacted and asked to provide a meal (home cooked or purchased) and deliver it to the recipient’s home. 

Who Do We Serve?

Denver Calvary families and individuals in times of need…

• After the birth of a baby.

• After surgery or hospitalization.

• During times of crisis. 

How Can I Help? 

The meals ministry is an excellent way to meet other people from church and make a difference in someone’s life, with a minimal time commitment. Meals DO NOT have to be homemade. In situations such as these, it is definitely “the thought that counts.” The purpose is to help someone in need by providing a helping hand in meal preparation, not to dazzle anyone with your culinary skills. In times of need, a friendly face and a meal is a true gift. 

Meal Guidelines: 

•  We provide a complete meal and deliver it to the recipient’s home.

•   It can be store bought, homemade, frozen or just about anything!

•   Meal does not have to be fancy or gourmet.

• We attempt to accommodate allergies and food preferences.

•  We strive to work out a schedule that benefits the recipient the most while working with the schedule of the volunteer. 

Contact Info Amy Paris at 303-355-2834 or email