Sharing our resources with other Christians and those in need has been a central part of Christianity since the very first days of the early church. Part of our worship is expressed in giving back to the Lord from the income with which He has blessed us.

We often hear the expression “if this ministry’s been a blessing to you, we’d appreciate your support”. While this is certainly a logical response, our giving should be more than simply “paying for services”; our offerings are first to bless and honor God, and second to support and participate in the ministry of the gospel. 

The Bible teaches that Christians should give, 1. regularly, 2. from the first part of our earnings, 3. in proportion to our income, 4. cheerfully, and 5. freely, not as a result of compulsion or pressure. You can support Denver Calvary Chapel in a significant way by investing in God's plan to reach people with the transforming message of God's Grace. You become part of God's provision and an answer to prayer as you participate helping the Gospel go forward in our community. May the Lord continue to bless you as you invest His resources into His Kingdom.

Ways to Give

  • In Person (in the tithe boxes in the foyer)
  • By Mail (PO Box 202742 Denver, CO. 80220)
  • Electronically (through your bank, through PayPal, or click the link below)