Pastor Louie Cruzado

Born in Hollywood California, Louie was blessed to be part of a Christian home. Although raised in a Christian home, Christianity was the last thing on his mind.

Louie’s parents struggled for many years to find a good Bible based church. For years they searched, attended churches here and there but never planted where they could grow. In the early 1980’s his parents however were fortunate to find a large fresh growing congregation in Downey California, called Calvary Chapel of Downey Pastored by Jeff Johnson.

Although raised in a Christian home and placed into a Christian school Christianity was last thing on his mind. Surfing, Skating, and girls were his priorities. It wasn’t until his sophomore year in 1992 that he had a radical encounter with God. This incredible event took place while shooting hoops at his local park. Everything he was taught, everything he knew broke to the surface of his mind and heart. The Holy Spirit touched Louie’s heart in such a powerful way that his life was radically changed from that time on. In 1993 he went on a high school mission trip to Russia to help a newly planted church, Calvary Chapel in Vladimir. It was on this mission trip his calling into the ministry was defined. There was nothing he wanted more then to serve Jesus with his life.

As Louie began to grow quickly and his calling being clear, Pastor Jeff Johnson asked if he would serve as the Jr. High Pastor at Calvary Chapel Downey in 1995. He served as the Jr. High youth Pastor until 2003 when he moved his family to Denver Colorado to help Ed Taylor with his growing church plant in the city of Aurora. He served and attended Calvary Chapel Aurora Assisting for 9 years watching it grow from a church of a couple hundred to a few thousand.  

In the spring of 2012 the Lord told Louie it was time to go. After much fasting & prayer the Lord made it very clear he was to Pastor a small group of believers that were already meeting in the city of Denver. On September 30th 2012 Denver Calvary Chapel was planted. Denver Calvary has been blessed with many indivduals and families making this their new church home. It’s an exciting fresh new work of God.

Louie currently serves as the pastor for Denver Calvary. He and his wife Tracy live in the Denver Metro Area with their three children.