What To Expect

When you arrive, follow the signs pointing you to the main Sanctuary. You will see an information table with information about our church as well as some welcome bags and various sign ups for events. We invite you to come a little early to get to know some of the people and familiarize yourself with our facility. For those with families we also provide a nursery for babies and toddlers, Kidz Church for the children and youth group for our teens.

Worship & Teaching

Worship is a mixture of old hymns, current songs, and contemporary worship. We sing in response to God for who He is, what He has done and His grace in our lives. When we come to Him it should propel us to worship. We also mix up our worship from a full band to an acoustic team.

Teaching: The teaching of God’s Word is of great importance to us here at Denver Calvary. Because of this we believe in expositional teaching. This means we go through the Bible book by book and verse by verse. The goal of expositional teaching & preaching is to declare precisely what a passage of Scripture says. So the sermon outline of an expository sermon will get its main points and sub-points directly from the text of scripture. We are very purposeful to make our way through the entire Bible together.

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Communion & Giving

COMMUNION: As a church we take communion on the 1st weekend of every month. Communion is open to anyone with a resolve that faith in Jesus Christ is our only hope for humanity. The ordinance of the Lord’s Supper is a commemoration and supplication for the grace provided for in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Any time during communion one may go to the communion table, take the bread and the cup. We like to wait till everyone has had a chance to get the cup & bread before we partake, and partake of communion together. This is always an excellent time to demonstrate new found faith in Jesus Christ.

GIVING: Denver Calvary does not take a formal offering during its service. We do not oppose formal offerings; only the over emphasis on giving. We have placed two wooden offering boxes at the entrances to the sanctuary. This is where those who call Denver Calvary home can give as unto the Lord, and support the ministry. There are some who choose to give online via Paypal. 

For more information on giving at Denver Calvary visit our GIVING page here.