Also known as “Home Fellowships", COMMUNITY GROUPS are small groups of people who meet in homes scattered throughout the communities we live in.

These groups fulfill our church mission: We each live and mingle in more than one community: Our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, clubs, groups, organizations, and our church. With each one of these communities there is opportunity as the body of Christ to WIN someone to Christ, DISCIPLE someone in Christ, and then SEND someone in Christ.

Check out our various groups available and feel free to contact the leader with any questions you may have!

  • LADIES Zoom Fellowship

    Every Other Friday, 9:30am

    Leader: Amy Paris

    All ladies are welcome and invited to join us for coffee & fellowship, every other Friday on zoom! This is a great option for ladies wanting and needing fellowship, but are not able to meet in-person.

    Location: Zoom (contact Amy for link)

  • LADIES Bible Study

    Every Tuesday, 6:30pm

    Leader: Tracy Cruzado

    (303) 725-0686

    All ladies are encouraged to join us for our spring study, “Hearts of Iron, Feet of Clay”. This is a 10-week study in the book of Judges. Contact Tracy with questions or for more info.

    Location: Stephanie Pence's home & Zoom (contact Tracy for address & link)

  • Justin & Heather Sander

    Every Tuesday, 6:30pm

    BEGININNG: 2/16/21


    Justin Sander (303) 960-2873

    Heather Erickson (720) 299-7210

    Families, Couples, Individuals; ALL stages of life welcome for weekly fellowship, short Bible study and prayer. Children welcome. 

    Our goal: To provide another avenue for supporting, encouraging, and lifting each other up in God's Word.

    Location: Our home, 1794 S Leyden St, Denver, CO 80224

  • MEN'S Community Group

    1st & 3rd Thursdays, 6:30pm

    BEGININNG 2/18/21

    Leader: John Gill, (575) 644-3906

    Host: Stan Pence

    This men's group will meet on 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month for fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

    Location: Stan Pence's home, 1955 Hudson St. Denver, 80220

  • LADIES Fellowship, Prayer & Potluck

    3rd Fridays, 6:30pm

    BEGININNG 2/19/21

    Leader/Host: Julia Malwitz

    (303) 618-5224

    A women's group that will focus on prayer, encouragement and fellowship with one-another.  We will have dinner together and a short devotion. Dinner will be potluck style.

    Location: 155 S. Monaco St. Denver, 80224

  • SINGLES Community Group

    Every Other Thursday, 7pm

    BEGININNG 4/1/21

    Leader/Host: Ashley Romero

    (303) 585-0201

    This singles group will meet every other Thursday for fellowship, worship, and Bible reading.

    Location: 4695 E. Louisiana Ave. Denver, 80246

    Contact Ashley for Apt. #

  • Colton & Grace Moyer

    2nd Fridays, 6:00pm

    BEGININNG 3/12/21


    Colton Moyer, (806) 886-2155

    Grace Moyer, (806) 886-4143

    This group will meet on the 2nd Friday of each month. All stages & ages welcome for dinner, worship, prayer and fellowship.

    Location: 2241 Park Centre Dr. Unit 102. Denver, 80234


    Jim & Amy Paris

    2nd & 4th Thursdays, 6:30pm

    BEGININNG 3/11/21


    Jim & Amy Paris, (303)956-5954

    This group will meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month for fellowship, prayer and study through Psalms. 

    Location: Email Jim for the ZOOM link.

  • YOUNG ADULTS Community Group

    Mitchel & Kaylin Morse

    Last Friday of each month, 6:30pm

    BEGININNG 3/26/21


    Mitchel & Kaylin Morse, (719)246-2293

    For young adults, ages 18-30, we will have dinner together, then a time of study and discussion revolving around answering questions of faith, Biblically. We'll close with prayer and fellowship.

    Location: 3794 S. Tibet Way, Aurora, 80018

  • Norm & Karen Carter

    Every Thursday, 6:30pm

    BEGININNG 3/25/21


    Norm & Karen Carter, (303)549-2910

    Join us every Thursday night for dinner and fellowship!

    Location: 4934 S. Dillon St. Aurora, 80015